GCI Outdoor Brute Force Chair Heavy-Duty 400lb Capacity Folding Chair 91019 at California Car Cover

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GCI Outdoor Brute Force Chair™ Heavy-Duty Folding Chair Part# GCI-91019

The Brute Force is an extra-large, heavy-duty folding chair that comfortably supports up to 400lbs. A sturdy steel frame, with 300D polyester seating, cool mesh backrest, ergonomic armrests, cup holder and storage pouch – this chair has it all! Measures 36.4”H x 25.6”W x 26”D. Built-in carrying strap.

Popular Uses: Road trips, camping, spectator sports, car shows, beach and more

Features & Technology:

400 pound weight capacity
Meash Backrest – durable nylon mesh for continual airflow
Carry bag included with a shoulder straps for easy transport
Beverage holder
Phone pocket
Hard armrests

Technical Specs:

Open Size: 25.6″ width x 36.4″ height x 26″ depth x 20.1″ seat height
Folded Size: 45.9″ height x 7.7″ width, x 7.1″ depth
Weighs just 10.3 pounds



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