Genesis G80 Luxury Sedan Limousine [2021]

Watch the new Genesis G80 Luxury Sedan Limousine coming out in 2021.

Genesis has unveiled their new G80 luxurious sedan, featuring ambitious new styling but alas no V8 option. Losing the V8 was possibly inevitable as the marketplace has favored forced induction, hybrid and electric powertrains of new times. The most effective engine available is a 3.5L turbocharged V6 producing 380 PS (279 kW) of power and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm) of torque. A four-cylinder faster engine is also listed, which gives very similar strength degrees of 303 PS (223 kW) and 311 lb-ft (421 Nm).

Genesis has moved to make the new G80 a striking car to appearance at, with a huge low slung front end that is dominated through a huge mesh grille. The horizontal headlights are cut up into top and decrease sections, that creates lines that are continued in the side fenders in the back of the front wheel arch and the rear tail lights. A massive parabolic line stretches the entire length of the automobile connecting the the front and the rear sections, complimented with powerlines emphasizing the huge guards that cover big 20-inch wheels.

Credits and Source (Photo and Video): Genesis

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