Get To Lowes NOW! Craftsman Gunmetal $54.95 Mispriced Glitch? New Years Sales

In this Lowes shop with me, your host Jeff Ostroff CRAFTSMAN 105-Piece Standard (SAE) and Metric Combination Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set, Lowe’s Item No. 2523447, Model No. CMMT45304. what makes the gunmetal chrome better than the regular chrome sockets and ratchets is the gunmetal gives you MINIMAL ARC SWING: 120 Tooth Ratchets, which produce a 3 Degree Arc Swing For High Access Performance. The chrome basic ratchets only give you 72 teeth and a 5 degree arc swing. Check out our Lowes haul for this evening, more free tool giveaway gifts that we plan to give out soon. Either way, it is one of a few more good tool deals from the after Christmas sale at Lowes.

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