Gleason’s Limousine Ride

Introducing, “The Great One”. This Lincoln Continental Executive limousine was custom built for Jackie Gleason by Moloney Coach Builders in 1978. “The Great One” was recently featured on the History Channel’s hit show, Pawn Stars. “The Great Ones” owner, Jerry Randrup, has had the honor of sharing Jackie Gleason’s limousine with the public through out the years by entering car shows. Jerry Randrup acquired “The Great One” from his sister in-law, Ricky Page, who was a singer for the Nashville Edition and appeared on Hee Haw as a back up singer for eight years. Ricky used the limousine as transportation when she toured the country with various artists such as David Allan Coe, Lynn Anderson and many other country and western stars. Her husband, Al, purchased “The Great One” from the owner of a touring bus company who in turn acquired the limousine from Jackie Gleason’s estate. Many people have had the opportunity to cruz in the back seat of “The Great One” and have reported that they can feel the presence of “The Great One” himself. And away we go….

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