Golden Shine Leather Care Automotive Interior Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 15016

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Golden Shine Car Interior Leather Care Cleaner

Preserve and protect your vehicle’s leather interior with Golden Shine Leather Care. Leather Care cleans and conditions your leather seats, door panels and dashboard to maintain that new car look and feel. It infuses moisture into the leather to deter cracking, while providing the equivalent of 30 spf sunscreen to the leather. The water resistant Leather Care also provides a barrier to staining and dirt build up.

To use, simply apply a small amount of Golden Shine Leather Care to a microfiber towel or applicator and gently massage into the leather area to be treated. Flip the microfiber applicator or towel and buff until dry. Leather Care lifts dirt and grime from your leather and leaves behind a protective coat. It is easy to apply and immediately is dry to the touch.

Cleans & conditions leather seats, door panels and dashboards
Infuses moisture into the leather to help deter cracking
Adds equivalent of spf 30 sunscreen to your leather
Provides a barrier to staining and dirt build up
Keeps your leather seats & interior looking new
Easy to use – apply with a towel or applicator and massage in
Made in the USA
Available in a 16 ounce or 128 ounce (1 gallon) refill bottle

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