Golden Shine Ultra Soft Premium Detailing Microfiber Towels 74036 at California Car Cover

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Golden Shine Quick Shine Softest Microfiber Detailing Towels

Our Quick Shine Detailing Towel is the safest and softest way to clean your vehicle between car washes. At 460gsm, the detailing towel is one of the thickest towels on the market and is perfect for use with a detail spray, such as our Golden Shine Quick Shine Instant Detailer. Simply spray some detail spray on the paint and wipe it off with a Detailing Towel to get a brilliant and streak free shine without scratching. The 16″x16″ towels are machine washable and will not lint. Come as a pack of 3 towels or a pack of 10 towels.

Softest microfiber towel that we have ever seen
Large 16″ x 16″ size
Thicker than regular microfiber towels (460 gsm)
Excellent for removing car wax, detail spray, window cleaner, drying a car and more
So soft that they also work on the most delicate surfaces in your home
Machine washable, reusable and do not leave lint
Available in a 3-pack or 10-pack

The Way To Bid At Auto Auctions

Before placing a bid, focus on various aspects of bidding to win a vehicle at a low price. Read on to know how. A bidder should gather all relevant information before placing a bid.

How Car Remapping Works and Why You Should Have It Done for Your Car

ECU remapping is a special method which uses a bespoke software program to fine tune the engine of a car. A car engine is controlled by an engine management system (ECU). Remapping ECU is a way of improving the performance of the engine. The best and most reputable car remapping companies use specialist software which is tailored to suit a particular make of vehicle. The best car remapping services will also take your own individual requirements into consideration before remapping the car.

Review: The Lamborghini Gallardo

Produced by the prestiged maker of luxury and super sports cars, Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Gallardo was named after a well-known breed of fighting bull that were bred to exhibit energy, strength, stamina, and aggression. Over 10,000 of the model were produced during its seven years of existence. Ever since it has been a popular choice among sports car enthusiasts and it has been a stable sales leader for the company.

Is Now the Time to Sell Your Classic Car in Summer of 2013?

When the 2008 recession hit, someone asked me what would be the best safe haven for all of their money. As if I would know; but I gave it my best guess, and I told them that if I had millions of dollars to invest right now, that was back in 2008, I would invest in classic cars, and I would store them in the best possible atmospheric environment until the economy returns.

Classic Car Shows and Local Tourist Dollars

The other day, I was talking to a local community organizer in the area, no not someone who organizes protests and hopes to run for future office, rather someone who organized fun-to-do events for the town. They were also on the economic development committee and they were committed to helping local businesses, economic prosperity, jobs, and tourism. Unfortunately, they were a little upset, so I asked why.

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