Grow Your Leafit Business with These Sales Tools and Sales Funnels

Grow Your Leafit Business with These Sales Tools and Sales Funnels

The Leafit Social Network is a total game-changer for social media. It is the only platform that combines the power of profit sharing to let you earn money from the pictures that you post to social media every day. All you need to do is share products that you love with your existing network of family, friends and followers.

People are currently posting millions of photos of products per day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. This is some high-powered product placement for bands and e-commerce sites.

At Leafit our thinking is…

If you’re already acting as an ambassador for the products and brands you love, why shouldn’t you get rewarded for your efforts?

With Leafit, you can make money doing what you already do on other social networks.

With Leafit, earning money from your social posts is as simple as snap it, tag it, share it:

Snap it – Take a photo of an item or items you love, or pull one from your photo roll or even the web

Tag it – Describe all the items in the photo with useful keywords

Share it – Post the tagged photo to your Leafit profile for friends and followers to check out!

Leafit will connect to all of your existing social networking accounts, when you post a picture to Leafit, your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest will see it, too.

When your friend clicks on an item that you posted, they will be sent to one of over 18k retailers that have the item at the lowest price online.

With just one click of their mouse, they can purchase the product and once they do, you will receive a portion of the profit.

It’s so simple!

Contact me and let me help you build your Leafit network!

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