Hart Of Dixie Music 3×21 Jesse Thomas – Stolen Limousine

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Hart Of Dixie Music ‘Stuck’ 3.21

Scene: The ambulance take Earl, and Davis proposes to Annabeth at Fancies.

Side Note:

Hey guys! So its not really my place but Jesse Thomas is one of my favourite singers, I’ve supported her since she started her youtube channel back in 2006 (i think). She’s super talented and I absolutely adore her. It would seriously be great if you bought her albums on iTunes. Jesse released her first EP in 2010, Hazel Ep, In 2012 she released her second album War Dancer LP. Now she’s released a third album Burn The Boats! On April 29 she released her first single from Burn The Boats “Stunner” and I think its awesome. So please support her and buy her albums cuz I think she really deserves it. 🙂

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Thank you! 🙂 x

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