High Quality Car Cover, Malaysia | 4-layer, Premium Quality, available up to 14 sizes!

Top Rated Car Covers Up To 50% Off

Prodefense Car Cover from Otaido Sdn Bhd.

4-layer car cover. Made of high-quality oxford cover, whether expert (waterproof, UV resistant, wind blow resistant) and anti-scratch. Cotton on the inside acts as a temperature stabilizer, controls heat impact to your car thus, won’t be damaging your interior and car paint.

Why Prodefense?
– 4-layer car cover
– Water-resistant, anti-scratch, UV-resistant, dustproof & easy to wipe
– Cotton on the inside (temperature stabilizer)
– Buckle/clip provided to avoid car cover being blown by a strong wind
– Staps on each tyre provided
– Long-lasting (3 months warranty applicable)
– Available to 14 sizes (compact, sedan, SUV, MPV, Big MPV, 4WD)

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