Highline Excel 2016 Class 06: Conditional Calculations with Excel Formulas: Comprehensive Lessons

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In this video learn about All the ways to make conditional Calculations with Formulas in Excel: Built-in Functions like SUMIFS, AND function, OR Function, IS Functions, Array Formulas, D Functions and more:
1. (00:23) Introduction
2. (01:28) AND Logical Test (AND Criteria)
3. (02:35) AND Function
4. (05:14) SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS functions with AND Criteria
5. (05:43) Create Names From Selection
6. (10:55) Cross Tabulated Table for adding with 3 criteria: SUMIFS and Mixed Cell References.
7. (13:51) Between Logical Tests, Create Monthly Sales Report with SUMIFS.
8. (18:39) Create Monthly Sales Report with SUMIFS and EOMONTH functions.
9. (21:44) Count Sales Between Upper and Lower Limit (Frequency Table) with COUNTIFS (Alos consider how this method is different from FREQUENCY Array Function).
10. (25:40) D Functions (Database functions) with AND Criteria
11. (32:31) Array Formulas with AND Criteria. Use Two IF Functions. See how to calculate Standard Deviation with two conditions or criteria.
12. (41:15) OR Logical Test (OR Criteria)
13. (42:26) Defined Names and Scope in an Excel Workbook
14. (44:03) OR Function
15. (46:34) OR Criteria looking at one column using SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT for adding and COUNTIFS and SUMPRODUCT for counting. Function Argument Array Operations.
16. (49:08) Average calculation with OR Criteria: AVERAGE & Array Formula (for 1 or more columns)
17. (01:01:10) D Functions (Database functions) with OR Criteria
18. (01:05:00) AND and OR and IF Functions for Credit Analysis for Accounts Receivable Department
19. (01:12:42) IF Function & IS functions. Bank Checkbook Example.
20. (01:20:17) Conditional Calculations: PivotTable or Formulas?
21. (01:22:18) Summary

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