Hitachi 10″ Sliding Miter Saw C10FSHC


Just released, the  new Hitachi 10″ Slide Miter Saw C10FSHC has some cool features you may be interested in. This saw also features a zero, rear clearance slide system allowing it to sit on a bench, up against a wall.

Compact Slide System

The sliding arm moves along fixed rails, with linear motion bearings. Both of these combined, allow the saw to slide with a smooth and effortless movement. The result is a saw that can be pushed up against a wall, and takes up very little real estate.

Up Front Controls

All the controls on the Hitachi saw are located in the front, avoiding the need to reach around the saw to make bevel adjustments.

Also up front is a miter detent override so a user can quickly and smoothly dial into specific angles with ease.

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