Homemade quercetin recipe – natural colds and flu remedy

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Today I tried a super easy Homemade Quercetin recipe – it’s a natural colds and flu remedy that you can make from citrus fruit peels!

You will need:
Peels from 3 unwaxed grapefruit
Peels from 3 unwaxed lemons
3 cups distilled water (or use filtered water)

Simmer the peels in a covered pot on low for 3 hours. Let cool completely before opening the lid. It’s recommended to consume 2-4 Tbsp of the liquid daily, you might want to sweeten it with some maple syrup or coconut sugar, squeeze a bit of lemon or lime juice into it too, to balance out the bitterness.

This is Dr Zelenko talking about his covid treatment protocol I mentioned:

Let me know your experience with taking this natural remedy – did it help you get over your cold or flu? Perhaps it even helped you to get over covid?

Lots of vegan love,

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