Hot New Sales Tools & Tactics with Miles Austin (Ep. 49)

This video series, born from The Marketing Scope’s blog – Marketing Mash, is dedicated to talking about best practices in marketing techniques and new products as well as conversations with industry leaders. We will take a closer look at marketing and start some open conversations while having some fun along the way. The 49th episode of our Marketing Mash video series, features a recorded Blab podcast session from our Marketing Mash Live podcast show. This episode brings hot new sales tools and tried-and-true marketing techniques from a sales perspective. Joining us were special guests Jack Kosakowski, Global Head of Social Sales Disruption and Social Selling Expert, and Miles Austin, internationally known as “The Web Tools Guy.”

Tried and True Sales Techniques

– Handwritten notes are not dead!:
Stand out from the crowd with a good, old-fashioned, handwritten note. Don’t have the time? Miles recommends a tool called Bond. It’s a service that sends the notes out for you. It sounds crazy, but take a look. It’s legit.

– Meet people in person!:
Jack loves connecting with people he’s met on Twitter, in person at a conference. There’s nothing like putting a face to a tweet and shaking hands. Salespeople should be getting out and meeting their buyers. Conferences are the perfect place for that. Shelly suggests utilizing Twitter search to find other people attending the same conference. Reach out to them. Try to meet up. They’ll appreciate you noticing they’re attending.

– Do your research!:
Have you ever received a personal gift from a client? Shelly shares a story about how she often receives Milk Duds in the mail, simply because the salesperson did some research. She has it listed in her Twitter bio that Milk Duds are her favorite. Want to stand out from the crowd? Do your research on your buyers. What are their needs? How can you meet those needs? Don’t offer a buyer the #1 spot in Google if they already have it. Do your research and impress with your personal knowledge.

Watch the video to learn about online sales tools from these marketing experts:

Jack Kosakowski – Global Head of Social Sales Disruption, The Creation Agency

Miles Austin – International Speaker & Trainer; “The Web Tools Guy”

Shelly Kramer – Co-CEO, V3 Broadsuite

Eric Vidal – Chief Content Officer, The Marketing Scope

The Marketing Scope:

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