How Quercetin & Vitamin C Are GREAT Antihistamines!

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Dr. Susan Brown, director of Alkaline for Life & the Center for Better Bones, medical anthropologist, clinical nutritionist, author of “Better Bones, Better Body” and your pH and bone health expert, talks about the antihistamine effects of this new plant-based Quercetin & pomegranate antioxidant complex (superior form of Quercetin!) in combination with Alkalini-C (! Quercetin & Vitamin C is a dynamic duo for fighting allergies.

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hi everyone dr. Susan brown from the
center for better bones today I want to
talk to you about some nutrients that
are really key to my heart
I want to talk to you about allergy and
the allergy approach the supplement
approach that I have developed over the
years to cure my allergies I just want
to chat about it with you that is we’re
gonna talk about the antihistamine and
anti-allergy effects of both quercetin
and vitamin c probably few of you are
old enough to remember when the
airplanes allowed people to smoke when I
would go on these airplanes I was a
young anthropologist traveling around I
would get such a headache that I had to
wear a carbon filter I looked like Darth
Vader because just the fumes from that
airplane that smoke would give me a
terrific headache or when I drove into
Los Angeles working as an anthropologist
I actually had to wear a mask because I
was so sensitive to the chemicals I’m
happy to say that these two nutrients
I’m gonna talk about vitamin C and a
high potency quercetin really helped me
to overcome those allergies along with
all the other things I did to discover
my allergy symptoms my problems and to
heal the leaky gut quercetin and vitamin
C that’s what we’re gonna talk about
quercetin is of course a pleb annoyed
it’s a plant compound it’s part of those
compounds that give color to plants
they’re very powerful antioxidants they
protect the plants from mold from
radiation from bacteria from viruses and
they also protect us when we eat the
quercetin quercetin is totally a plant
compound it can come from food like
grapes and red raspberries broccoli
onions many foods contain quercetin what
we like to get is quercetin it is very
highly bioavailable for example the food
factor quercetin is often in the form of
quercetin dehydrate quercetin dehydrate
is the form of course certain that I use
in my practice and some research
suggests that you can get 3 to 17
percent absorption of course attempt now
we have been able to work with quercetin
dehydrate in
Chili’s form that gets much better
absorption so we’re looking at a much
higher absorption of quercetin and we
know that vitamin C actually helps the
absorption and the bioavailability of
quercetin so you’re gonna see why it’s a
great idea to use quercetin together
with buffered ascorbate or vitamin c the
half-life of quercetin in the body is
about three and a half hours I find in
my own program I use quercetin several
times a day and it’s very effective
quercetin has many many effects that
help with allergy number one it
stabilizes the mast cells and the mast
cells are those immune cells that when
they’re exposed to antigen they produce
histamines and we’re going to talk about
the histamines in a second because it
stabilizes the mast cells
it reduces histamines and so it’s a very
anti histamine quercetin is also anti
oxidant in its own right and anti
inflammatory you can look at this chart
and see the many many effects of
quercetin it’s actually the most studied
flavonoid of all and lots of research on
quercetin and it’s

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