How to Box a Car Seat Cover – Upholstery for beginners

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This pattern is mostly used on ‘plain seat covers’ but it could be done on another foamed designs.
The first well known common way is the use of a long lateral panel all around front and side parts of a seat cover.
This practical way consists in joining/sewing 2 lateral side panels to a ‘big main panel’ in central part of the car seat. It is fast way to perform car covers (seat cushions and backrests).
For this project in vinyl I am using thread 92 and needle size 110=22.
Most vinyls are soft and pliable to sewing down.
The design I show in this video could be replicated on big real car seats. Hog rings are used to fasten the cover all around the lower I am using staples for this demonstration instead.
This video stands out how useful are the ‘reference points’ (v notches) on both sides and main lateral panel. These ‘points’ are the key to sew the pieces together in order to get a precise cover.
Notice I have cut off the 1 cm seams to 7mm to avoid a lumpy edge on this small sample. On real seats it is not necessary to trim them off. I hope you find this video useful!
I hope you find this video useful!

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