How to build a Limousine in the UK

Did you know that every limousine starts off life as an ordinary sized car?

At Wilcox, we use Jaguar, Vauxhall, Volvo and Ford vehicles as the base models from which to create our limousines.

The manufacturing process occurs over several stages.

First off, the aluminium donor – the base car – arrives at our Wigan factory, which is our aluminium production facility.

Here, the vehicle is thoroughly checked over by a specialist team and any electronics are removed.

It is then reloaded onto a transport vehicle and shipped to our Northampton facility.

The dismantled vehicle is then put onto a jig before being manoeuvred into a booth.

While in the booth the doors are removed and the vehicle is cut in half, before it’s then taken back out of the booth and lifted off the jig.

From here, the centre section is riveted and welded in, with the panelling having been made by hand.

In the meantime, the new, additional doors have been built – a process that takes about 40 hours in total – which are then fitted onto the chassis to create a custom fit.

With the body of the vehicle now assembled it is sent back north to our Wigan factory, where it is hand sprayed and polished.

The vehicle’s electronics are reassembled, with the electrical systems adjusted accordingly.

Next, the hand-crafted interior is fitted before the vehicle undertakes a final inspection to ensure it matches our exacting standards.

From here, the finished limousine is delivered to its final destination, ready for use as a funeral or executive vehicle.

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