How to Coach Your Sales Team: Tools or Training? ? | Mario Martinez, Jr. and Kirsten Boileau

[6:43] Stuck in a rut and contemplating how to coach your sales team? You’ve come to the right place.

In this part one of two video, Mario Martinez Jr. speaks with Kirsten Boileau, industry thought-leader and SAP’s Global Head of Digital Enablement Services (one of the many hats she wears). They talk about whether or not sales leaders should give proper sales training to their sales teams or just give them the tools and be on with it.

Kirsten describes an experiment she and her team did with two sales groups to find out the impact of formal sales training. They gave both groups the same instructions, bags, and tools they needed to be successful, but one group had additional training.

The results? The group that had sales training had 7X more pipeline than the other. Watch the video to learn more about the surprising findings of Kirsten’s experiment!

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