How to Create Your Own Product from Scratch to Win Shopify Sales in 2020

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Hi there!

Tired of dropshipping?
Can’t look at AliExpress anymore?
Can’t force yourself to book a call with a supplier?

It’s time to get yourself to the next level. You NEED to create your very own product! 😉
To make this a bit easier, I’ll show WINNING TOOLS for a REPEATABLE PROCESS of product creation from scratch.

So, a quick sneak-peek, as usual:
– Idea – where and with which tools to hunt it down
– The 6-step process
– Sourcing materials
– Costs breakdown
– Some good examples to get going

Sounds like a good plan to start with?
Then let’s jump into it

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?Desire to scale it to 7-figures (and net 35-50%)???

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