How to Follow Up in Sales Using CRM: Email Marketing Tips, Tools and Templates

Watch this email marketing tutorial and master the three golden rules of follow up emails. Learn how to follow up without messing up by using NetHunt CRM’s email campaigns. Plus get loads of follow up email templates at the end of the video. Download the NetHunt’s Guide to Sales Follow Up Emails

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0:00 How to follow up in sales using CRM
0:24 The three golden rules of following-up
01:35 How to follow up with NetHunt CRM
02:46 Five follow up email templates
02:56 Follow up email template #1. After a quote that never received an answer
03:03 Follow up email template #2. Finding the kingpin
03:07 Follow up email template #3. After meeting at an event
03:13 Follow up email template #4. After a call
03:20 Follow up email template #5. The last resort

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How to follow up in sales?
There are three things to remember before, during, and after your follow-up.

1. Before. Don’t follow up less than three days after the original outreach.
2. During. Keep it between 50 and 125 characters.
3. After. 80% of sales require up to five follow-ups before they close, but 44% of sales reps give up after just one. Don’t be afraid to follow-up the follow-up. Keeping an eye on email metrics from email marketing software helps with this. Open rates and clickthrough rates can tell you if your original follow-up and link have been opened or not.

Without a doubt, the easiest way to follow up email is with a CRM. Try NetHunt CRM

Five follow-up templates based on different follow-up scenarios:

1. After a quote that never received an answer
2. Finding the kingpin
3. After meeting at an event
4. After a call
5. The last resort

Use these tips, tools and follow-up email templates and get growing!

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