How to Grow Business After Lockdown | Proven Tips to Restore Sales ?

If you are worried about, how to grow your business after the lockdown gets over, then this video is made for you.

Last few weeks were the toughest for all the brands and businesses.

Whether you were running an online store or an offline boutique…everyone had to go through zero sales with payments piled up and are now worried on how to revive business once the lockdown gets over.

My name is Prateek, I am a Digital Marketing Strategist helping brands to grow their business through online channels.

In this video, I will be sharing with you 3 things to do in this lockdown period that could help you increase sales after the lockdown gets over.

1. Connect with your customers (0:20)
If you have saved mobile numbers of all your customers, then this is the best time to utilize it. You can float a message to enquire about their wellbeing. This cultivates a personal touch with your customers. And this is the time they need it the most.

2. Run Instagram/Facebook Ads. (0:40)
Run ads on how well you are prepared to serve customers after lockdown. You can publish photographs that shows about your showroom being sanitized, about facility of sanitizer at the entrance gate, mask wearing staff. This showcases that you care for them.

3. Show case products (0:58)
You can run Instagram/Facebook ads showcasing some of the products. This would create awareness as well as generate demand once the lockdown gets over.

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