Not 100% confident in hiring employees? Watch this video to learn a few tips.

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Here are a few tips for making sure you hire the right employee:

1. Previous Experience With Tools

These tools can include software, machinery, and other physical products. You want to make sure the employee you hire has performed the tasks and understands the tools you are using to conduct business.

2. Job Experience

We primarily focus on hiring employees that have 5+ years of experience. This ensures that the employee has a previous track record and an understanding of how to correctly do a job.

3. Job History

Make sure your new employees aren’t skipping from job to job. If you see an employee resume for a person that has 6-8 jobs in the last 5 years, odds are they will not be with you too long. Make sure to only hire employees that have been with companies for 2+ years.

4. Resume and Cover Letter

All employees we screen must submit a resume and cover letter. If an applicant does not submit one of the two, their application is immediately denied. This is the first step an applicant needs to take in getting hired, so they should not be shortcutting anything.

5. 20 Point Questionnaire

After an applicant submits a resume and cover letter that we approve, they will be required to answer a 20 point questionnaire. Use this questionnaire to get more information about the person, but more important to see if an applicant is willing to fill it out. This is a great strategy to verify hard-working applicants who are eager to work.

6. Online Interview

When you conduct your first interview, do it online. This will save you and your applicant time and it will help you make a better decision when hiring. Most new business owners who hire employees get very eager and tend to hire the first or second person they meet. Instead, conduct an online interview before an in-person interview and don’t hire anyone until you’ve conducted five or more interviews.

7. In-Person Interview

If they pass all the previous requirements, conduct an in-person interview and determine if you are going to hire the applicant. Make all new employees sign non-compete and non-disclosure to secure your companies assets. After employees are hired, you can set a 90-day probation period to make sure they are capable of completing all job duties.


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