How to improve your sales funnel with these 2 free tools.

How to use Google analytics and Ubersuggest to improve your sales funnels.

These 2 free analytics tools are invaluable for improving your sales funnel performance.

In just a few steps you can get completely personal and individualized data from the behavior of your website visitors. I’ve used google analytics on every website I’ve built. It’s invaluable.

With GA you can know which products your customers are spending the most time looking at, which ones they don’t find compelling and which ones aren’t even on the radar.

GA visualizes the consumer journey. Sales down? Look at your sales funnel in GA to see where people are leaving. You’ve worked really hard on your SEO and getting more traffic – don’t drop the ball on the website, your goal line, at the last second. Install google analytics.

If you think this all sounds great and you’re sold on the idea of google analytics but you don’t want to spend the time learning how. We’d be happy to help. Shoot us an email at 3sixtymotionmedia@gmail or call me at 505-375-0128

What should I do with google analytics first?

Maybe you’re more interested in set it and forget it. If you’re anything like me, I don’t want to dig around in the data each time I want to know something like how many people spent 5 minutes on my website?

The solution? GA Goals. Goals are custom conversions you can setup with GA. A counter of exactly how many times the exact behavior you want is recorded. And with custom dashboards, you can feature that number prominently so it’s the first thing you look at when you check your analytics.

Let’s say you have 3 places on your website where people can click and get more information, we call these Calls to Action or CTA’s – you place the first at 25% down the page, you place the next 50% down the page, and the third at the 75% mark of the page.

We can then set up goals to tell us when someone reaches each of those scroll distances. 25%, 50% & 75%.

Now let’s say we get 100 people to our website and 5 of those people click the first cta, and 2 click the 2nd. Well, normally we’d look at this and say, the 3rd cta must be terrible since nobody is clicking on it.

However, if we review our goals and see only 3 people made it 75% down the page, we know that the real problem is people aren’t scrolling all the way through the page and are leaving before then. So we have a different problem than a weak 3rd CTA. We actually don’t have strong enough content to get people to the 3rd CTA.

This will change our strategy moving forward and what we will address next.

So that is just one of many examples you can use GA for. The more I learn and use GA the more I want to continue to use it because it’s so versatile and always seems to be there when I need it.

Because GA is free and easy to use it’s a no brainer, however it doesn’t do everything. The next tools we’re going to talk about are also imperative in your quest to build the ultimate analytics toolbox.

I’ve been using this tool in all my projects lately. It’s free, quick and easy.

The main thing I use this tool for is to perform an SEO Site Audit.

Are you sick of salespeople trying to constantly tell you what’s wrong with your website? This is frustrating because how do you know if they’re telling you the trust or if they’re just after your money.

Using an SEO analyzer like Neil Patels can go a long way in educating you on what you should believe about your website’s SEO and construction.

You don’t need to put any code on your website to do this. Also, Neil Patel doesn’t restrict how many times you can use his software, so you could sit there all day analyzing websites till you’re the expert teaching the salesmen! That’ll teach em.

Another thing these internet sales people try to do is tell you that they can get you to rank number one on google. I’m sure you’ve heard this and been skeptical. As you should be.

I never promise clients we can get them to number one, and one of the reasons why is, bc some keywords are harder to rank than others. And usually, it’s the desirable ones that are hard to rank for. So to help yourself be more prepared, neil patel added a keyword analyzer to his that will show you a difficulty score.
This score can give you a frame of reference for just how hard it will be to rank for a certain keyword. So if they try to tell you, I can rank you #1 for how to make money online – you can consult this tool and see that the SEO difficulty is quite high, therefore the likely hood of their promise coming true is low.
Lastly is the top pages feature – wonder no longer which one of your pages is getting the most traffic! This will tell you whether or not you’re getting the results you wish in less than 10 seconds.

This is more inoculation from your web guys lying to you about the fact that your highest-paid product is getting all the traffic. Go on here, use this tool and see if they’re telling the truth.

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