How to Make Durable, Stealth WINDOW COVERS for Sleeping in Your Car! #VanLife #CarLife

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Here is a video about how to make really durable and nice-looking window covers to put in your windows for privacy while you are sleeping or living in your car, van, or RV. I like these the best because they last a long time and they make the inside of your car look so much better than silver reflectix. If you make them exactly how I show you, they will last a long time and serve you well.



1. Tour of my Toyota Prius camper conversion: 0
2. Adding a LIFT KIT to my Prius: o
3. How I cook while I travel & live in my car: g
4. How I shower while living in my car (10 ways to shower): M
5. Essential Car-Camping Gear: Y
6. How a Prius & hybrid cars can be used as a GENERATOR: s
7. How the climate control of hybrid cars works for camping: s
8. All about 12-volt fridges: o
9. Subaru Forester camper conversion: Y
10. My visit to West Virginia’s new National Park (New River Gorge): A
11. Stealth camping in NEW YORK CITY in my Prius: c
12. VLOG: Off-roading, free camping, and beautiful scenery in the Virginia Appalachian Mountains: s
13. One-year review of my Prius camper (new mods, upgrades, review): I



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