How to polish your car | AUTODOC tips

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How to polish your car | AUTODOC tips

When using your car, minor scratches and swirl marks can appear on its paintwork. Polishing the car body can help to restore the exterior.

🛠️ Things you may need:
🔸 Paint — />🔸 Polish — />🔸 Polishers — />🔸 Masking tape — />🔸 Paint Cleaner — />🔸 Cleaning Clay — />🔸 Polishing wheels — />🔸 Microfiber towels — />🔸 Inspection lamps — />🔸 K2 Cleaner / Thinner — />🔸 Car washing sponges — />🔸 ENERGY Paint thickness gauge — />
Find out how to polish your car yourself in this video and save money on garage services.

0:00 — How to polish your car
0:37 — Washing the car body
2:31 — Polishing the car body
2:35 — You will need the following
2:48 — Preparation
7:14 — Tips for protecting the car body

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This video is intended for informational purposes only and does not guarantee achievement of a specific result.

It is recommended that you entrust the installation to highly skilled technicians to ensure the best result.

This video only contains tips and recommendations that could be helpful when carrying out car repairs or replacing parts. AUTODOC is not liable for any harm, injury or property damage incurred while carrying out repairs or replacements that are a result of incorrect use or misinterpretation of the provided information. The user is personally liable for incorrect use of repair equipment, tools, or car parts, in particular when this use poses the risk of injury. AUTODOC strongly recommends taking appropriate safety precautions when carrying out any repair or replacement. Keep in mind that low-quality auto parts may not provide the appropriate level of road safety.

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