How To Push Pass Low Sales in Paparazzi | Tools & Tips To Growing To The Next Level

In this video I talk about the ways to go about leveling up and taking your jewelry business to greater heights. Please like, subscribe, and share this video with someone who could use this information 🙂

1:15 Are you effectively marketing your brand
2:20 Make your customers feel exclusive
4:27 Posting on social media daily
5:40 Have a set schedule for going live
6:55 Be consistent, persistent, and faithful with your business
7:48 Buy, sell, reinvest, and repeat
8:51 Have a good collection of jewelry to sell
9:38 Study your customers’ likes
11:12 Encourage your audience to like and share your content
13:09 Use games to boost your sales
15:49 Make your content public
18:18 Be active every month
19:35 Make sure customers know that you LOVE your brand
20:39 Post pictures of you and your brand
21:08 Show variety in your lives or posts
21:38 Be engaging and friendly
24:06 Have fun

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