How to take airport limousine bus – Haneda Airport (late night to Shinjuku/Hyatt Regency Tokyo)

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to take the Airport Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport.

Upon exiting customs and enterting the arrival level exit, you can first get cash from the ATMs on the left (I recommend Seven Bank, which worked great with my Capital One 360 Debit Card, which didn’t charge any ATM or transaction fees).

Then turn back to the right where you will see the bus ticket counter on the left. There will be a sign while you line up that will show you how much you can see how much your ticket will be based on your destination. You can also plan ahead here:

After getting your ticket, turn right (aka out), go past the main elevator into a hallway in the back with more elevators on both sides, and take those down to the ground level, where there will be signs for your bus.

Give the attendant your ticket, confirm with them your final destination (we were going to the Hyatt Regency Tokyo in Shinjuku, which was the last stop on our route, and we were also the last people left on the bus, since almost everyone else had gotten off at Shinjuku itself) and let them check your luggage.

Those arriving late at night: Our flight arrived at 22:30 at HND and we were able to make the last bus to the Hyatt Regency Tokyo (at 23:10) with about 10 minutes to spare (enough time for me to go back upstairs and make this video!).

If you miss that bus, the bus to Shinjuku West Station is your best bet, and leaves as late as 02:20. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk from Shinjuku station to the Hyatt Regency.

So as long as you know where to go, you should be fine (though I’m not responsible if you don’t!)

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