Part 1: WIN7_WINXP System installation method:
Enter “WIN7_WINXP directory” under “Driver”-“Driver_Auto_Installer”;
click DriverInstall.exe to install;
click Next on the installation interface until the installation is completed.

Then the driver installation was successful.

Part 2:SP_MDT_exe_v3.1724.00.00 flashing process:
Step 1: Go to the “Upgrade Tools”-“SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1724_Win” directory and run the flash_tool.exe program

Step 2: When the SP_MDT.exe program is opened, the option “Scatter-Loading File” marked below may be empty. The user can manually select this option and manually load the scatter partition file in the MTK device firmware package

Step 3: Select “Scatter-Loading File”: Click the “Choose” button, browse the directory to the corresponding MTK firmware directory and select the corresponding MT8163_Android_scatter.txt file

Step 4: After loading the scatter file, click the DOWNLOAD button:

Step 5: Shut down the device to be flashed and connect it to the computer via USB cable. If the previous driver installation has been completed and the USB cable is connected well, the progress bar of the corresponding port on the flashing tool will move up to 100% (this process may take several minutes) The flashing process is complete.

Disclaimer: The wire brush can only be used as a firmware upgrade and repair software problems. If hardware problems, please choose after-sales repair.
1. There is a risk of brushing, so be careful before brushing.
2. Clean up all your data, please backup your personal information beforehand.
3. Ensure that the battery level of the device is above 30%.
4. Please make sure your data cable is well connected before flashing. For desktop computer, the data cable should be plugged into the USB socket on the back of the computer.
5. Please ensure the normal operation of the computer when flashing, do not restart, power off, etc.
6. Please do not move the device during the flashing process, so as to avoid the interruption of the flashing due to the loose data cable.

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