Hubspot CRM Tutorial for Free Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Tools

Hubspot CRM tutorial for free marketing, sales and customer service tools is reviewed in this week’s video. To start creating your account*:

I review how to create a free account, start using the marketing features, sales features and customer service feature such as creating a ticket.

This Hubspot CRM tutorial showing how to use the free marketing, sales and customer service tools is a valuable resource for going beyond just the basic tutorial.

0:00 Intro
01:02 Who this is for, what’s covered, what you’ll learn
03:42 Create your account
08:47 Create contacts
12:30 Import contacts
13:35 Add users
16:09 Connect email provider
17:37 Marketing – create a form
26:53 Sales – add a deal
28:22 Service – create a ticket
30:25 Deal stages
34:25 Two bonuses

I include the ‘why’ behind using the various tools and how it can help your business (and your time!) if you aren’t already using a CRM.

To access the 2 free bonuses:

* This is an affiliate link and I may receive a commission if you signup for a paid program via this link. The cost to you is the same whether you go through my link or Hubspot directly so that’s another bonus!

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