HubSpot Product Spotlight – April 2020 Edition

The HubSpot Product Spotlight gives you the scoop on the latest and greatest updates to the HubSpot Growth Platform. All of us at HubSpot know that these are challenging times. We hope that we can give you a little bit of comfort in this new normal we are all navigating by delivering our regular monthly product update to you from the safe, physical distance of our own homes.

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0:28 Introducing CMS Hub
1:06 Developer Tools & Themes
1:47 Theme Assets
2:40 Drag and Drop Page Editing
3:19 CMS Hub Tiers
3:57 Dashboard Library
5:03 Property Recycle Bin
5:42 Products SKU Property
6:28 Custom Properties for Products
7:05 Mobile Updates
7:41 Sent View in Conversations
8:22 New Ticket Automation
9:01 Improved Calling Experience
10:00 API Documentation

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