Hyperion® by Deltran Vehicle Covers with built in Solar Charger

Top Rated Car Covers Up To 50% Off

The Hyperion® Car Cover with Built-In Solar Charging provides the protection you can count on for your favorite autos. Especially if you live in a harsh climate or along the coast, the finish of your car can suffer from elements such as sun, wind, snow, rain, dust, or even birds. No matter where you live, with a Hyperion® solar cover, you can enjoy peace of mind that your vehicle is securely covered while parked.

PROTECT YOUR CAR: Shield your car from weather damage, birds, dust and scratches as well as theft and vandalism while keeping your car battery at an optimized charge with our solar panel car covers

SOLAR CHARGE: This outdoor car cover features a 12W 12V integrated solar panel to help maintain an optimal charge for your car battery, making it perfect for those who live in more intense climates

ALL SEASON PROTECTION: Keep your car protected from dust, rain and UV sun damage in the summer and snow, ice and frost in winter and spring with our size 3 car cover that fits cars up to 16’8” long

HIGH QUALITY: Built to be durable and withstand harsh weather 365 days a year, our thick protective car covers are lightweight with a waterproof exterior and a soft oxford cloth lining interior

EASY TO USE: Connect the battery to the controller using the included ring terminals, connect the controller to the solar panel, insert the panel into its pouch, and slide the cover over your vehicle

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