ICAT Playdate — Excursions in Extended Reality and Cybersecurity

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We present some recent findings from an ongoing research collaboration between Virginia Tech and Virginia Military Institute researchers.

The objective is to explore experiential learning challenges and opportunities at the intersection of Extended Reality and Cybersecurity for K-12 and undergraduate students.

In order to achieve this objective, a model of an IoT-based smart built environment was developed as a platform that supports research and experiential learning in cyber security education.

With full support of integrated extended reality capabilities, the platform offers fully immersive experience that is scalable and cost efficient.

The platform allows participants to go through a unique experience that includes direct or indirect interactions with physical and emulated IoT devices to perform physical manipulations of such devices and the physical environment.

An internal access to an integrated attack launch pad facilitates exploiting the system components to induce changes to the virtual, emulated, and physical environments.

Support for collaborative experimentations encourages discoveries and cybersecurity investigations of smart built environments that involve humans and machines, including supervisory monitoring on temporarily dedicated devices within the shared platform.

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