iK Foam Pro 2 Hand Pump Car Wash Sprayer 81676 at California Car Cover

Use the ik phone Pro 2 to create Rich Car Wash foam next time you wash your Vehicle the phone Pro 2 is easy to set Up screw the cap of the reservoir and Add your car wash soap also include some Water to properly dilute the soap so it Can create a rich foam Active against your vehicle pump the Handle the foam Pro 2 to build pressure In the container Once enough pressure is built up press The trigger to release the foam spray If a constant stream of phone soap is Not produced it could need more pressure Or water to create the foam The phone Chrome 2 features three types Of spray nozzles for different foam Types plus two handle Clips to help you Identify what type of cleaner is in the Container It also features a safety switch so you Do not accidentally spray pressurized Foam when it is not written After the vehicle has been covered in Soap follow up with a pressurized rinse From your huddles to remove the Soap Some agitation with a wash pad or brush Might be needed for heavily soiled parts Continue to rinse the vehicle and dry With a soft microfiber towel

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