IM.Tec Sales: Service VS Product

IMTec. Sales: Service VS Product or how you can sale better?
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At IM.Tec, we offer a variety of services, including: organizational development, business consulting, training of managers and employees in our methodologies. We know how to fit this to massive organizations with thousands of employees and to small start-up companies with employees who are also entrepreneurs, internationally or locally. Throughout the consultation process, IM theory is being applied, with an emphasis on original thinking, which will fit your needs. As part of our goal to drive change, we use training and innovative methods such as implementation of the IM method management tools that increase the sense of self-efficacy and encourage employee and managerial output. Our goal is to broaden knowledge and acquisition of the toolbox intended to motivate and advance the team of employees and managers in the company, as well as the goals of the organization.
Our team: Ziv Elron- social psychologist MSc, and project manager, Dr. Irit Sharon- social psychologist PhD, expert in trust relations, Oron Lerner- diagnostic processes manager and organizational consultant, David Lahav- director of the research unit and organizational consultant, Ohad Ganiel- consultant, instructor and CEO, will reach your organization: diagnose, study, deduce, act, change and leave a set of practical tools to be continuously used by the organization’s managers at all levels. The work is for the sake of the organization and as such it places the members of the organization as the acclaimed for success.

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