In-Plant Common Information Model for eXtended Reality; Messaging Infrastructure

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Augmented Reality (AR) offers many new capabilities for handheld or head mounted devices that utility workers can use to update or receive maintenance tasks. AR shows live information for maintenance tasks while working or inspecting the equipment. AR technology development is moving fast, and new vendors enter the market all the time. Unfortunately, this can mean acquired AR equipment and connected utility assets that utilize customized data connections become stranded and unusable if the vendor goes out of business.
EPRI looked at this problem using a standard approach based on the Common Information Model, IEC 61968-6 Maintenance and Construction Standard. This standard was the basis to build a new messaging infrastructure using the latest integration protocols. These new protocols allows quick adoption to new devices that enter the market to quickly link to an existing Application Programming Interface (API). This will help future proof utilities data integration investments.

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