Innovation talk #4 – AI for exploration: Extended Reality | Space Bites

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The user interface of the future won’t be a screen that sits on your desk or a screen that sits in your pocket. It will be the real world itself – with a little help from #technology.

In the next #Space Bites talk, Accenture and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory will discuss Extended Reality and what it means for space exploration.

By mixing the digital and the physical, Extended Reality (XR) has the power to enhance and enrich our lives. #XR solutions can reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity, and improve customer experience. In this lecture, you will learn how XR is used in space exploration, from early mission formulation all the way to operations, and how XR experiences support funding, stakeholder buy-in and outreach.

The talk is hosted by Accenture, the only end-to-end solution provider that delivers industry-specific XR strategy and managed services.


Marco Tempest is Creative Technologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Director’s Fellow at MIT MediaLab and Founder and Director of MagicLab in New York. As a regular speaker at TED conferences, he is known for his work with digital technologies to create immersive, and often astonishing, experiences. Marco is continually looking for innovative ways to use technology to broadcast information and engage audience attention.

Sebastian Veldman is the #Innovation Lead at Accenture Interactive in The Netherlands, and together with a team of software engineers and designers, he is responsible for the strategic positioning of the creative technology lab, Lab01. He focuses on both business and social challenges and is continually exploring and experimenting with creativity and technology.


Space Bites is a series of lectures promoted by the Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration to create awareness of the importance of space exploration.

These lectures are part of a special edition series centred on the topic of Innovation.


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