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Today in this video, we are interviewing Kevin Graham who is an author, speaker, and expert on empowerment, sales, and leadership. As managing director of Empowered Sales Training, Kevin works with organizations to empower sales success. He’s qualified for President’s Club status in three Fortune 500 companies, carried the Olympic Torch and played in a national championship too.

Here we will be talking about the following queries:

• Today we will talk about solution selling. Why it is still important to focus on the tip of the spear or top of the funnel, solution selling?

• A lot of organizations are heading into the latter part and many of them may be panicking about the numbers and felt that they are not shaping up in the way they would like them to. What are some of the things that companies and the sales teams or managers need to focus on to really maximize the last part of the year?

• How difficult it is to get people to go back up the pipeline and realize that where they can make a difference and add value in the early stages and not coming in as the super closer?

• How to help people to go back to the fundamentals and make them realize that it is still the hard yards account?

A lot of times, you can easily track what happens to you later in the process and what didn’t happen earlier in the process. One of the things that we all know that is one of the traps that people fall into is relying on only one or two contacts. Is it right to do?

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