J.R. August – Black Limousine (Live at Hrvatski glazbeni zavod)

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Black Limousine – written and arranged by J.R. August

J.R. August – piano, vocals

Borko Rupena – drums, percussion
Ivan Džajić – double bass
Pavle Miljenović – acoustic guitar
Lujo Parežanin – tenor saxophone
Marko Gudelj – baritone saxophone

Sebastian Jurić – choir director, bass
Alen Vranić – tenor
Jasmina Bošnjak – alto
Katarina Matković – alto
Anja Knezović – alto
Lana Veljačić – alto
Polonna Oblak – alto
Livija Zgurić – soprano
Ana Anić – soprano
Josipa Šupljika – soprano
Tinka Bulić – soprano

Hangtime Agency

Dražen Završki

Viktor Grabar

Goran Martinac

Goran Martinac
J.R. August

Marko Zeljković

Nikolina Mazalin
Rajko Pavlović

Marko Zeljković (main cameraman)
Donald Jedvaj
Marko Petrović
Dario Lepoglavec
Ivan Andabak
Filip Bašić
Marko Urbić
Ivan Majić
Ivica Vranjić
Hrvoje Ramađa (Jimmy Jib)
Mladen Sedinić (technician)

Mario Kalendarić

Roberto Pavić


Domagoj Šiljeg

Želimir Babogredac

Croatia Records & CMC TV



Black Limousine

Spent years on the sidewalk
Waitin’ on that yellow cab
To take me uptown
To my private lab
When suddenly
I heard a scream
And my eyes reflected
A big black limousine

There was a black woman
Sittin’ in the black car
Black hair, black dress, black eyes
She said: I’m Mrs. Black
And I said: You don’t say
She said: Why don’t you come on in
I’ll make your day

She took me for a ride
She made me black inside
The smell of fresh sardine
Lingered through her big black limousine

I said: Driver, stop!
I wanna get out!
She said: No, no boy
Once you’re in you’re never ever gonna get out!
I said: What do you mean ‘Once I’m in’?
She just laughed her head off
In her big black limousine

This went on for years
I was scared
I didn’t dare
To tell my wife
I was havin’ an affair
And after a while
It became my routine
Drivin’ downtown
In her big black limousine

Used to eat my woman’s food
Lately it just doesn’t taste that good
Like the food from her Black cuisine
Eat my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner
In her big black limousine

Eventually my wife found out
And she filed for divorce
She said: I got these photos
From an unknown source
So, you just sign here
Please, don’t make a scene
I know about the woman
In the big black limousine

She had my mother’s eyes
It took me by no surprise
See me achin’
Shakin’, drinkin’ gin
As we’re drivin’ downtown
In her big black limousine

I wanted to talk to God
So I went into the Church
God wasn’t there
Just some boy selling His merch
So I sat by the organ
Played some Bach on amphetamine
Then went back to her
To her big black limousine
Lord, Lord …
(How I hoped You’d make us low on gasoline)

She knows my schedule well
Hangs around my neck
Like a heavy cow bell
Now, I’m being cautious
For I fear the guilotine
As I’m leavin’ downtown
And her big black limousine

Haven’t seen her for a while now
I’m starting to believe there might be hope
Things got pretty good for me
I even flushed all my dope
But when the sun goes down
And there’s no need for a sunscreen
I’m driving downtown
In her big black limousine
Again, and again, and again

Just like they prophesied
It’s too late now
But now I realize
I’m the teacher
But she’s the dean
Owns the downtown
With her big black limousine
Time of death was 10 a.m.
In the name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Overdosed on pure morphine
They found me downtown
In her big black limousine

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