The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is a practical, workshop-based self-discovery programme with far-reaching applications in the workplace and in life. It not only helps participants develop in-depth self-awareness, but also an understanding and tolerance of the working styles of others. The key lies in the tools and techniques participants learn and are able to use immediately.
The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is a tactile, experiential way of learning and can be used to help develop individuals and teams to improve areas including:

Team Spirit
Customer Service
Overall Individual and Business Performance

There are no long questionnaires or test papers and no computer generated reports, the learning is purely organic, as the participants develop and build their profiles. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool provides active engagement from beginning to end.
To find out more and how the tool can make a real difference to you and your teams relationships, get in touch today!

Since the industrial revolution, the world has gone though a major development frenzy leading to the introduction of a vast number of products and services that we enjoy today. As the number of products, ideas and concepts have increased, so has is the need to inform and convince others of their benefits and applications to personal and professional lives. Sales skills therefore have become a vital part of any successful business and organization. The sophisticated sales industry active today has introduced new selling philosophies and pioneered modern techniques and sales methodologies.
Whether you are directly involved in sales as a salesperson, or are in the production of these products or services, knowing how to sell is an incredibly useful skill. This comprehensive course, introduces traditional (influence-based) and modern (facilitative and consultative based) selling techniques and prepares the delegates for a variety of sales environments from retail and customer facing selling to sophisticated business-to-business trade involving large projects.
Psychology is one of the main components of this course. There is an emphasis on customer loyalty which is responsible for most sales and long term profitability of any business. As a salesperson you need to take specific steps (relying heavily on many psychological aspects) to create a loyal customer that keeps coming back to you time and again.
This course contains effective exercises, roleplays, and guidelines to help participants master sales skills and start applying their newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives straight away. Bite sized group exercises are also provided that focus on specific concepts. These are then followed by more comprehensive sales exercises that help the delegates to put a series of smaller skills into practice and learn how to approach sale events as a whole.

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