Johanne Astrid Poulsen 7 år spiller Drum Limousine Custom Shop

Johanne Astrid Poulsen was with her parents in the store to buy a new drumset and Avantgarde cymbals
Johanne is 7 years old and has played drums for 1 year now.

Johanne bought a Drum Limousine Custom Shop

10″x8″ Tom
12″x9″ Tom
14″x13″ Floortom
20″x18″ Bassdrum
13″x6″ Snaredrum
14″ x 6½” Snaredrum
12″ Drum Limousine Custom Shop effekt lilletromme i stål.

Avantgarde cymbals

Avantgarde Roughcut 13″ Hihat
Avantgarde Roughcut 14″ Crash
Avantgarde Roughcut 10″ Splash

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