John Wright spent eight years in the UK and European Pharmaceutical Industry, in various sales, marketing and management roles. This was followed by 10 years as a small business owner, developing new information based solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry. In 2001, Rogers Corporation (NYSE:RCI) acquired his group and following a period of early retirement, John returned to to invest and lead a technology start up ‘Metabolic Health Solutions’.

MHS programs are focused on the measurement, monitoring and management of a patient’s metabolic health. To do this, MHS created ECAL, the world’s first portable metabolic monitor designed for clinical practice. Designed and developed by MHS in Australia, ECAL is licensed for use by primary care, specialist medical practitioners and university departments around the world. MHS Clinics offer clinical weight loss programs that combine ECAL technology with protocols for analysing these results by MHS’s own in-house clinical experts, to deliver a personalised nutrition and activity plan direct to patients.

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