Kamikawa Precision CNC Custom Machining of Precision Parts

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Kamikawa Precision CNC Custom Machining Of Precision Parts

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We are a Metal and Plastic parts machining factory from Guangdong, China, helping new product projects from prototyping to prototype manufacturing and mass production.

We currently serve the processing of high-precision mechanical parts for large industrial groups such as HAAS Automation and Diehl Metal, and also help scientific research institutions, universities and studios to complete the R&D and manufacturing of new products.

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industrial robot parts, robot joints: d

Kamikawa Precision is a professional custom supplier of precision parts. We can provide you with: CNC machining, precision die-casting, precision injection molding, precision casting, MIM molding, precision stamping, plastic metal molds, and various metal aluminum waterproof shells. Our services include: providing free samples, material reports, data testing reports, etc.

3, 4, 5 axis CNC milling: g
4, 5, 6 axis CNC turning: g
Mechanical keyboard case: e
Waterproof Junction Box: e

In addition, we can produce various types of aluminum housings. All made of aluminum material, the surface is anodized. Not only waterproof, dustproof, UV resistant, but also exquisite in appearance. We not only have standard specifications, but also accept customer customization.

CNC Machining Mirror Polished Ergonomic Keyboard Case
IP68 electrical waterproof junction box made by Kamikawa Precision
Automobile Motorcycle Bicycle Modification Parts for 3-axis CNC Machining Micro CNC Milling
Car Motorcycle Modification Bracket Aluminum Parts High-Speed CNC Milling Machining Service

Bicycle Modification Parts for 3-axis CNC Machining Micro CNC Custom Metal Milling

Bicycle Parts Chainring CNC High Precision Machining Service

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