KAZI Sales Tools and Tips for Retailers

Meet Alicia Wallace, COO and Co Founder of KAZI and Channing Porter, Partnerships Director at KAZI.

We wanted to give you an intro to who we are and what the KAZI products are all about.

How do I sell KAZI?

Why would I stock KAZI?

The baskets sell themselves! The are design first and story second. The colors and patterns stand out.

The KAZI artisan stories, the material origin and the functions are the top reasons why people buy.

What does KAZI do for the world?

KAZI means employment in Swahili. KAZI products are made in artisans homes and they support about 5.7 dependents. This is income and their livelihood out of poverty.

What are successful tips for selling KAZI?

Share the good news! Let the world see what you got in stock and your customers will go wild.

Inform your sales team on the product facts – made by artisans, creating jobs, made from n natural materials. Let your customers know they are all naturally sourced materials in rural Africa. Organic materials.

What are the functions of the products?

Wall decor and table top are the main features. These wall decor pieces are great ways to build out a beautiful display in your store. BUT – be sure to let people know they are for sale when you hang them on your wall. Be sure there is a small sign with the price tag so your customers know they aren’t just a display.

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