KIA Picanto 2022 2nd Generation | Price in Pakistan | New Model Kia Picanto 2022 | PAKISTAN

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Kia Picanto 2022 Review has been done in this video. Kia Picanto Manual has been reviewed in this video. Although, the details of Kia Picanto automatic has also been shared in this video. This video extensively covers the details of Kia Picanto in Pakistan.

I hope the video is beneficial and covers all the aspects needed to know for making a buying decision. However, i assure you that this is the most Detailed Review on Kia Picanto you would ever find. In short, this review covers the maximum details of both picanto manual and automatic.

1000cc 69 HP 94 Torque

Airbags, Alarm System, Infotainment and many other features are provided

Kia Picanto 2022 Launch in Pakistan is available you can hook it anywhere, kia Picnato 2022 model in Pakistan us Expensive as compared to other cars

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