Kia Telluride SUV Car Care Volume 1 by California Car Cover w Sun Shade and Auto Detailing

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We recently acquired a 2022 Kia Telluride. The first step to keeping this SUV looking new is to pick up a custom fit California Car Cover, plus some other accessories to keep it looking its best.

In our first installment, we demonstrate one of our Ultraweave car covers and how to install it. Plus, some auto detailing products to use before using your California Car Cover. Cleaning your car before covering it keeps the car cover nicer and cleaner. Use some of our Golden Shine Car Care Products and the Original California Car Duster to clean the vehicle before covering it.

When you are not using the car cover, a custom fit sun screen helps to keep your interior cooler. The custom fit Covercraft UVS100 sun shade reflect UV rays and heat to keep your vehicle’s interior much more comfortable. The Premier Series sun shade is custom fit for the Kia Telluride.

We will be posted regular videos about accessories and maintaining this Kia Telluride, so check back often for the latest episodes as we pick up new accessories and products to keep this Kia looking new.

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