Lala Milan // Long Black Limousine // Quartermain Media

Join us in welcoming Lala Milan as our first guest in the limo! We chat about her new music video, TV show, and play a quick round of Gas Pedal or Pump the Breaks.

Lala Milan▶︎
Twerkout music video▶︎

Long Black Limousine is a virtual ride for the righteous and the ratchet! Strictly for the Blerds (Black Nerds), the Now, and the Next Gen, this series highlights what’s going on with your favorite content creators of color to share a little about their #levelup (writing books, starring in commercials, TV/Film, or launching their own merchandise, or products). We’ll play games and discuss trending topics. So be ready for us to pull up to your bumper baby!

Quartermain Media is a creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. We are visually powerful storytellers who brainstorm creative ideas, connect you with social media influencer talent, create branded content, produce experiential events or PR stunts, and also provide video production.



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