Learn the Benefits of Sauna – Improve Brain and Athletic Performance

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The many benefits of sauna and how it can improve your athletic performance.

05:45 -🔥Detox via lymph, blood flow
06:50 -💪🏽Resilience through hormetic stress
07:40 -😴Sleep Improvements
08:37 -Longevity
09:34 -Cardiovascular ❤️
10:51 -🔥Autophagy
12:28 -Heat Shock Proteins
13:21 -🏃🏽‍♀️Athletic Performance
14:54 -Recovery
15:56 -🔥Pain Management
17:20 -HGH increase
18:40 -🧠Brain and Mood

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Dr. Stephanie Rimka is a health coach, holistic functional medicine doctor, epigenetics coach, neurofeedback therapist, chiropractor, and recent recipient of Best Media’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Mental Health Clinic Atlanta. She has been in private practice seeing patients specializing in neurological disorders such as Autism, anxiety, ADHD, depression, and memory loss.

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