Limousine 3D Driver Simulator by Vasco Games

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Watch out for this free limousine 3D driver simulator. You can pick up beautiful looking famous passengers, celebrities, in nice clothes in the realistic city and bring them to their destination in this free limousine car parking 3d game. They will get out of the vehicle and people will start making pictures of the famous people. Park the limo in the perfect spot after you drove them through the city in this driver simulator. Children will watch you while you pick up passengers, because they love to see a vehicle like this. Also for adults this car can be amazing to see, you don’t see one every day. If you park the limo fast enough you will get the most out of it. Watch out for the traffic lights. Only go when they’re green, otherwise you can get in an accident and would need to start all over again with your job in this driver simulator: pick up passengers.
Game features:
– Realistic graphics in this city
– Pick up passengers, famous celebrities, to bring to their destination
– Different parking challenges to park the limo in this driver simulator
– This car parking 3D game is free to play
Pick up passengers like famous people in this driver simulator and bring them to the red carpet. After that you will need to find the perfect spot to park the limo. Avoid vehicles in the city, avoid the red light of the traffic lights and all other things that are coming on your way.
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