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Is your bottom line not adding up?

Are you wasting valuable time trying to increase your sales with no results?

Don’t have time to market your company and don’t know how?

Do you have a great business but can’t find any new customers?

Do you have a great website but can’t generate any traffic?

That’s why we are here. Trust the expert.

My name is Bruno Teixeira and I am a Marketing Consultant the Limousine – Limo Industry and company owner for 24 years, our company develops the right plan and put in place the right solutions that will increase profit margins of the limousine – Limo operator by double digits within the first 90 days.

Our War Marketing program is intense, high volume and DELIVERS PROVEN RESULTS. Our program has been tested extensively in industry platforms and its success has been extensively documented.

We rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a big budget. We have extensive experience in Internet Optimization, PPC, and SEO, Social Marketing Media, Social Marketing Networking and web optimization. From Internet to social media, we can reaching up 200 million airline travelers, or marketing will target a variety of prospects in many industries ranging from luxury hotels to Fortune 500 companies.


• Limousine Marketing Effectiveness
• Limousine Sales Effectiveness
• Limousine Success Factors
• Limousine Goal Development
• Limousine Team Motivator
• Limousine Public Relations
• Limousine Public Speaking
• Limousine Sales Coach
• Limousine Sales Operations
• Limousine Advertising
• Limousine Internet
• Limo – Limousine Internet Services
• Limo – Limousine Organic Search
• Limo – Limousine Web Design
• Limousine Web Development
• Limousine Web Services
• Limousine Web Analytics
• Limousine Web Applications
• Limousine Search Engine Technology
• Limousine Search Engine Positioning
• Limousine Social Media
• Limousine Social Networking
• Limousine Social Media Marketing
• Limo Social Marketing
• Limo Google Adwords
• Limo Executive Coaching
• Limo Process Improvement
• Limo Process Management
• Limo Ground Transportation
• Limo Direct Marketing
• Limo Email Marketing
• Limo Advertising Sales
• Limo Sales Process
• Limo Online Marketing
• Limo Benchmarking
• Limo Business Analysis
• Limo Mobile Search
• Limo Strategic Planning
• Limo Internet Research


Executive Sedan Services
Airport Transportation
Limousine Companies
Bus Companies
Shuttle Service Providers
Destination Management Companies


What Limousine Expert accomplished for a Dallas Fort Worth Transportation Company in their 3rd Quarter 2009:

58% revenue increase in less than 3 months
Preferred vendor status with 7 major hotels
Increased round trips by 18% in 4 weeks
Increased Farm In revenue by 12% in 30 days
$29,400 staff reduction cost in the 1st week
Fuel reduction cost of $120 per car per month
Negotiated no Farm Out payments for 120 days
20% reduction on reservation and dispatch costs
Collect 3 months in advance from you top clients
Get 100% of you $ up front from Event Managers


War Marketing
Acquisitions and Alliances
Breakthrough Products
Leading Edge Technology
Cost management
Operational Strategy
Client Retention
Global Presence
Operational Accuracy
Rapid Growth
Increase Margins
Performance Measurement
Process Implementation
Benchmark Analysis


National Limousine Association, Association of Business Consultants, Six Sigma Certified Process Manager Association, National Limousine Assoc. NLA Limousine Assoc. Dallas Limousine Association, Fort Worth Limousine Assoc. Limousine Vendor of Fort Worth Ambassadors, Arlington Limousine Association. NY Limo – Limousine, LA – Los Angeles Network, Atlanta Limousine Marketing Association, Miami Luxury Limousine Affiliates, European Limousine Marketing Companies

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Success is a choice not a chance, we are ready to start this new adventure when you are. 300 customers in 4 continents can’t be wrong. Call for a free consultation today.

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