Limousine set on fire during violent Inauguration Day protests – Daily Mail

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Muslim immigrant, Muhammad Ashraf, who is the president of Nationwide Chauffeured Services, said his insurance may not pay for the damage to his limousine (pictured) that was set on fire during violent anti-Trump protests in DC. Ashraf said on Monday that replacing the car could cost tens of thousands of dollars. He says insurance would cover vandalism but may not cover his situation because the car was damaged in a riot. Ashraf said the limousine’s driver had taken a client to The Washington Post when the vehicle was attacked and set on fire. Several people graffitied the limo, which is reportedly a part of a 7-car operation, before setting it ablaze. On one side of the vehicle, protesters spray-painted, ‘We the People,’ (inset) before bashing out the windows and setting it on fire. A GoFundMe page was set up to help the company and has raised more than $8,000 toward its $20,000 goal.

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