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Do you love driving limousine in the mountains and hilly areas? Yes, you will really like it. Here is the best luxury taxi cab car waiting for you to perform taxi in the mountains. As soon as you ride it, people will turn their heads and surprise you. You have to start the limousine taxi and stop the car at the station where tourists or passengers will be waiting for a limousine taxi. It is summer season and tourists from different places come to historical and famous beautiful places in the mountains.

Your duty:
It is up to you, as a taxi driver, to pick up these tourists and toss them into beautiful places in the mountains so that they can enjoy the hilly surroundings. It is time to show your driving skills because steep paths and tight turns in mountains and hilly terrain are very dangerous and driving a limousine cabin on such dangerous paths is full of adventure and excitement. To provide the best possible means of transport for tourists:
Tourists are at a fast pace and want fast transport so they can save their time by visiting more places in a shorter time. Just like a taxi or taxi cab, you have to do your duty and entertain tourists. For the first time, limousine car hill with completely smooth and realistic controls is here to entertain you. Driving 4×4 limousine cars in the mountains is full of fun and entertainment.

Become an Expert Limousine Taxi Car:
If you play this limousine car racing game and drive it carefully, then you will become a limo car driving expert. Many guys want to enjoy luxury limousine taxi driving in the mountains and this limousine luxury car racing game is specially designed for these guys. Once they drive this limo taxi cab they will really start to love driving it.

Simple game:
You must follow the map to get to your destination. It is very easy to play this game. Simple smooth and easy controls to enjoy real-time limousine ride. You will get real time experience by playing this limousine car racing racing game.

Difficult levels:
15 plus levels with increasing adventure thrills and danger are available to enjoy in Limousine hill car driving game. Complete all levels successfully if you want to become an expert in limo driving.

How to play?
– 3 types of control, for example. Tilt, steering and left buttons
– Use any controls according to your choice for limousine car driving
– Use the left right button to turn left or right
– Use the accelerate or accelerate button to start the limousine car.
– Use the brake button to stop or reverse the reverse
– Use the map to find or get to your destination
– Pick up passengers
– Turn sound on and off by pressing sound button
– Click the Next button after completing the level
– Do not travel abroad

Limousine game features:
– Very simple and easy to play
– Smooth and simple controls for driving limousine
– Three types of control buttons left, right or left
– Map guide to get to your destination easily
– 3D natural and realistic environment
– HD amazing and unique graphics
– Warning signal if you go abroad or follow the wrong path
– Free to enjoy the game uphill in limousine
– Ability to select and drop tourists
– 15 levels plus to play and enjoy

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